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1 day

What is this course about?
In whatever profession or business an individual works, that person would like to believe they give high quality service and work in an organisation that also universally gives high quality.

The concept of ‘Total Quality Management’ – get it right first time, on time, every time is a delightful goal, however, almost impossible to achieve. This is because …THINGS GO WRONG.

This workshop is designed to examine the nature of complaints, to deal with them impressively and achieve satisfaction for the complainant.

Key topics covered

  1. Causes of complaints
  2. Different communication channels and their effects
  3. Managing responses
  4. Assertiveness and handling difficult situations
  5. When the going gets tough
  6. Written complaints

Who would benefit?
Anyone who has to deal with complaints as part of their role.

At the end of the workshop, those attending will have:

  • Differentiated between an enquiry, an investigation and a complaint
  • Examined the areas from which they might get complaints and the reasons
  • Considered their own reactions and of what they need to be mindful
  • Reflected on the cultural needs of complainants
  • Formulated strategies and techniques for turning dissatisfaction around
  • Underlined the importance of what they say and how they phrase it

Key topics covered

1. Causes of complaints

  • What is a complaint?
  • Who makes them?
  • What are the complainants like?
  • What proportion of your work is likely to attract a complaint?
  • What are the benefits of resolving difficulties?
  • What system do you have for monitoring complaints and discovering ‘root causes’?

2. Different communication channels and their effects

  • Face-to-face, telephone, written
  • What we find goes well – what needs improving / refining
  • Confirming a code of behaviour for the profession

3. Managing responses

  • The behaviour iceberg
  • The emotional and the thinking brain – a professional approach
  • How to minimise taking things personally – responding rather than reacting
  • Keeping ourselves in good condition and becoming more resilient

4. Assertiveness and handling difficult situations

  • Using the 3+3 prompt
  • Concentration and paying attention – really listening
  • Words and phrases to avoid
  • Accentuating the positive – minimising the negative
  • Giving yourself time to think
  • Problem solving – who to consult

5. When the going gets tough

  • Managing demanding people (eg arrogant, rude, patronising)
  • How to handle put downs
  • Dealing with extremes
  • When to call in reinforcements

6. Written complaints

  • Particular considerations for written complaints
  • Planning the reply – research and organising the response
  • Selecting words
  • Developing your style
  • The importance of tone
  • Impact and image
  • Reflection and speed of response – the balance

7. Development

  • Summary of learning
  • Producing a personal action plan

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