I was very pleased to be interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Drive Time show on Wednesday of last week.

The interview was on the subject of OFGEM’s fine for British Gas of £2.5m for failing to re-open complaints. Readers of this blog will know that we at GA Training give credit where credit is due and also are never afraid to say where we think a major failure has occurred.  On this occasion however I felt that the story on British Gas needed a little more digging into.

British Gas has recently been given awards for their complaints handling process from people such as watchdog “Consumer Focus” and this fine by OFGEM was actually related to a very small part of their business.  I felt it was therefore appropriate to give a balanced view of things.  Jumping on the energy company bashing bandwagon is very easy to do particularly in light of rising prices however I think this particular fine said more about OFGEM trying to prove it has teeth in the face of mounting criticism about its clout within the industry especially with regard to rising prices.

To listen to the interview which is about 2 minutes in duration please click here – Radio 5 Live