Thank you for requesting a reading test.

 So what happens now?

You will shortly receive an email with links to a reading test and the answers to the test.

Can’t wait that long?  Please find links to the test and answers below.



Please print out all pages of the attached documents and carefully read the test instructions. Find a quiet place and settle down to read. You will need a timer so you can record your time and use the conversion chart to convert this into words per minute.

Keep the answers out of your sight, whilst you take the test. You will need to allow around 10 minutes to read and answer the questions.

Call us on 0845 130 5714 if you need any assistance with the test.

If you want to get some feedback on your results please feel free to email us on with the subject header “reading test results” and we will be pleased to provide some insight into your results.

Kind regards,

The Team @ GA Training

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