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We help our clients in three different areas:

Business Skills Training
We deliver on-demand Business Skills Training programmes in areas such as Management Development, Customer Service, HR & Recruitment, Communication Skills, Personal Development as well as Sales & Account Management.   In 1994 we began life as a business skills training provider with a simple objective:

To Develop People and Improve Performance.

Our mission has not changed in over 20 years and today our clients can still depend on us to deliver high-impact training in an engaging and memorable way.

Commercial & Contractual Awareness
Through our specialist training arm, GA Contract and Commercial we help organisations and individuals develop a “commercial antennae” so that they can lessen their dependence on often costly legal advice.  We firmly believe that business contract law should be accessible to all and not just understood by lawyers and law firms.  If you are looking to “lift the veil” on commercial matters, we will have the right course for you.

Fast Effective Reading
The amount of information we have to absorb is doubling at an alarming rate.  We are now expected to read and absorb a great deal of information but we are using skills we developed usually at the age of 5 or 6 years of age.  The Fast Effective Reading programme solves this problem and will at least double and in some cases triple an individual’s reading speed, crucially with no loss of accuracy.

Family Values

We are a family run training company and have been this way since we began life in 1994.

Today, family values remain at the heart of everything we do and we always welcome our clients as simply an extension of our wider family.

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We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your current training requirements in more detail.

Or simply use our short online contact form and one of our skilled consultants will be pleased to take a more detailed brief from you and advise you on the best solution.



Registered Address
GA Training
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Registered No:

T: 0845 130 5714
E: info@ga-training.com


We have worked closely with GA for a number of years and the latest programme of training included courses in Management Development and Personal Development. All of the courses are delivered by professional, high-quality training consultants and the overall levels of customer service we receive from GA are excellent.

Each year we work in partnership with GA to identify training requirements that will improve our capability in a very competitive marketplace.

Our reasons for using GA as a preferred training partner is their ability to deliver high quality training courses with creativity and enthusiasm, which has proved to have a positive impact on our staff and delivered great results. GA’s professionalism and flexibility makes them a pleasure to work with.
We selected GA Training for our appraisal training because we felt that they really took the time to understand our challenging training requirements. GA also went that extra mile and produced completed post course workbooks for the staff who were unfortunately unable to attend.

GA promised impactful training, along with excellent customer service, and that’s exactly what we received.


Our expectations were not only met, but were exceeded. GA was professional and a pleasure to deal with. On every occasion, the training was interactive, very motivational and of great benefit to all those taking part.

In the future, we will continue to use GA for our training requirements and I would certainly highly recommend them.

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