Let me say this only once; we’re too busy to serve you!

If you’ve ever had the bad fortune of having to report a faulty mobile phone connection then you may empathise with my frustration.

For years now, many organisations – and mobile phone companies, in particular – put you on hold sighting the reason that they are experiencing unusually high level of call traffic. Recently, and with contradictory […]

Interview with Radio 5 Live

I was very pleased to be interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Drive Time show on Wednesday of last week.

The interview was on the subject of OFGEM’s fine for British Gas of £2.5m for failing to re-open complaints. Readers of this blog will know that we at GA Training give credit where credit is due […]

De-humanising Customer Service

Regular readers of this blog will know that here at GA Training we are big advocates of using technology to better serve customers.  There are a number of ways that organisations can interact with their customers in a fun way using technology an example of which would be through the use of smart phone apps.

One […]

Cutting Customer Service Training – a recipe for disaster!

In a recent article by Jo Causon, Chief Executive of the Institute of Customer Service, she points to the fact that many organisations have made a decision to reduce the amount of customer service training that they are planning to undertake this year.  ICS research points to the fact that 30% of organisations have already […]

Customer Service? There’s an App for that

According to Apple there is an app for just about anything and everything you could possibly want or need (and many that I personally still struggle to see the point of). You can use apps for everything from working out your share of a bill, checking something is level using the spirit level app and much more.

Passing the buck!

All too often these days, I keep coming up against inertia. What I mean by this is that in my day-to-day business dealings I all too frequently hear the phrase – “the simplest thing I could do is…..

As a major part of my business is all about delivering training, in how best to provide excellent […]