We are here to help you keep learning through this challenging time. The Fast Effective Reading programme is available as a virtual / online instructor-led classroom.

With the pressure of working from home, we can help you to read faster and more effectively, enabling you to get more of your reading completed in less time. We can help you concentrate more effectively, comprehend better and remember more of what you have read. We can also help you read more effectively from any screen or device.

To find out how we can help please get in touch by calling 0845 130 5714, emailing, filling out an enquiry form or starting a live chat. We will be delighted to discuss the ways in which we can help you.

Would you like to know your current reading speed?

Below you will find a simple test you can take in just 1 minute.

Simply start a timer for 1 minute and begin reading the text below at your current, natural reading speed.  When a minute is up, make a note of where you had reached and then look to the right-hand margin where you will see a series of numbers.  The numbers represent your Words per Minute (WPM).  If you fall between two numbers, just split the difference.

At the bottom of this page you will find some typical results for comparison.

Most people read at between 150 - 300 words per minute.

Typical Results from the Fast Effective Reading course:

Start: 230 / 250 wpm @ 60% retention of information

Finish: 500 / 750 wpm @ 85% retention of information

Comprehension and Retention

It is all very well reading a nice piece like the one above for a minute but what about your ability to comprehend and retain information?

If you would like to take a reading test that measures your speed and comprehension just fill out the short form below with your first name and email address and we will send you a selection of tests to take.


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1 Hour “Sushi-bite” Taster

If you have a team of people and want to experience the Fast Effective Reading course, why not deliver a 1-hour “sushi-bite” taster session?

The 1-hour taster is free of charge, places you under no obligation and is a great way to see how effective this course could be for you and your team. Taster sessions are for up to 20 people at a time and can be delivered at a time to best suit your team’s diaries.

We have a limited number of taster sessions available each month. Call up anytime on 0845 130 5714 to discuss further and book a session, or just click the find out more button below.

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We have worked closely with GA for a number of years and the latest programme of training included courses in Management Development and Personal Development. All of the courses are delivered by professional, high-quality training consultants and the overall levels of customer service we receive from GA are excellent.

Each year we work in partnership with GA to identify training requirements that will improve our capability in a very competitive marketplace.

Our reasons for using GA as a preferred training partner is their ability to deliver high quality training courses with creativity and enthusiasm, which has proved to have a positive impact on our staff and delivered great results. GA’s professionalism and flexibility makes them a pleasure to work with.
We selected GA Training for our appraisal training because we felt that they really took the time to understand our challenging training requirements. GA also went that extra mile and produced completed post course workbooks for the staff who were unfortunately unable to attend.

GA promised impactful training, along with excellent customer service, and that’s exactly what we received.


Our expectations were not only met, but were exceeded. GA was professional and a pleasure to deal with. On every occasion, the training was interactive, very motivational and of great benefit to all those taking part.

In the future, we will continue to use GA for our training requirements and I would certainly highly recommend them.

Wye Valley Brewery


Discounts are available for more than one person to attend from the same organisation.

Date: Thursday 9 December 2021

Duration: Half-day

Price: £399 +VAT

Location: Virtual Classroom Event

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We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your current training requirements in more detail.

Or simply use our short online contact form and one of our skilled consultants will be pleased to take a more detailed brief from you and advise you on the best solution.

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