We offer the following four training options:

  • Tailored in-company training
  • Open courses
  • One-to-one development
  • Train the trainer

In-Company Courses

Organisations often decide that in-company training is the most effective way to improve the skills and enhance the personal development of their employees. There are many benefits of in-company training including;

  • Training can be scheduled at your convenience and scheduled according to your day-to-day activities
  • Training can be more focused, consistent and relevant to your organisation and employee needs
  • Delegates are more likely to have greater freedom of expression, interact better and as a consequence learn more effectively
  • Team dynamics will benefit
  • Training is more flexible and cost-effective

At GA Training, we have acknowledged expertise in developing and delivering bespoke training courses. We can customise course content and any existing course material and, create new material that reflects your organisation’s culture and incorporates existing procedures and methods.

Based on their in-depth specialist knowledge and expertise, all our trainers are carefully matched with a client’s training requirements. We ensure a stimulating programme presentation that engages the delegates and maximises learning potential. Our trainers will discuss your objectives, needs and desired outcomes prior to the course and will develop a customised training programme to fit.

Our in-company training is a highly cost-effective and high-impact platform to develop three or more members of your organisation. With groups of typically up to 12 delegates we will ensure that your organisation gets the maximum benefit from the training at a highly competitive rate. The training can be delivered at your premises or an external venue.

Open Courses
We regularly hold a broad range of open courses that are priced very competitively and run at leading conference venues across London.

Our Open Course programmes range from one to two days, and usually involve a maximum of around 12 delegates. Because numbers are kept low, we can adapt the course delivery on the day to reflect the needs of the individual delegates and ensure they get an excellent range of tools and techniques to develop their skills.

All our Open Courses are delivered by highly experienced training consultants, and are a great way to share ideas and learning with people from other organisations and industries. For more information, email us at info@ga-training.com.

One-to-One Development
All of our trainers are equally as comfortable training individuals as they are with larger groups. If you think that your employees would benefit from individual attention, whether to focus and channel their energies, redress work-life balance or deal with stress and expectations, our coaches can offer you invaluable guidance, objectivity and a fresh perspective. Sometimes it helps just to discuss issues frankly with someone from outside the organisation.

Coaching sessions can also focus on specific work skills. For example, a one-to-one session on public speaking before an important conference speech can reduce nerves, develop focus and boost your performance on the big day.One-to-one coaching is most suitable for;

  • Individuals taking on a new challenge or responsibilities
  • Executives or managers who want to enhance their leadership effectiveness to achieve organisational and career success
  • Work-driven employees who also want to compete effectively and successfully but want to retain a work-life balance perspective
  • Managers who want an experienced ‘sounding board’ and coach mentor
  • Employees who want to improve their interpersonal, influencing, communication and presentation skills so as to be more effective with their boss, peers, subordinates, or employees in general

Coaching sessions usually last around two hours and are often grouped into blocks of four, six or eight sessions spread over a few weeks or months, as well as one-off events. Please contact us to find out more, or to speak to one of our coaches in confidence.

Train the Trainer
We offer a ‘train the trainer’ service to all our clients and are able to provide experienced trainers to help facilitate and enhance your own internal training. This coaching and development programme is relevant to both newly appointed trainers and those looking for a practical refresher.

Our facilitation service will re-energise your approach to your own in-house training sessions, and will offer tangible insights into how a trainer can harness the full potential of a delegate group by facilitating discussion and participation.

We will show you how to adapt training to suit different learning processes and practise ways to interact and engage with your audience by delivering stimulating training and workshop sessions.  We can also train the trainer(s) within your organisation so that they are capable of delivering one of our programmes internally.


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We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your current training requirements in more detail.

Or simply use our short online contact form and one of our skilled consultants will be pleased to take a more detailed brief from you and advise you on the best solution.



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We have worked closely with GA for a number of years and the latest programme of training included courses in Management Development and Personal Development. All of the courses are delivered by professional, high-quality training consultants and the overall levels of customer service we receive from GA are excellent.

Each year we work in partnership with GA to identify training requirements that will improve our capability in a very competitive marketplace.

Our reasons for using GA as a preferred training partner is their ability to deliver high quality training courses with creativity and enthusiasm, which has proved to have a positive impact on our staff and delivered great results. GA’s professionalism and flexibility makes them a pleasure to work with.
We selected GA Training for our appraisal training because we felt that they really took the time to understand our challenging training requirements. GA also went that extra mile and produced completed post course workbooks for the staff who were unfortunately unable to attend.

GA promised impactful training, along with excellent customer service, and that’s exactly what we received.


Our expectations were not only met, but were exceeded. GA was professional and a pleasure to deal with. On every occasion, the training was interactive, very motivational and of great benefit to all those taking part.

In the future, we will continue to use GA for our training requirements and I would certainly highly recommend them.

Wye Valley Brewery