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We get a lot of questions about the Fast Effective Reading course, from “will I ever be able to enjoy poetry or a good novel again?” to “do I have to read out loud on the course?”.

To answer these questions and more we have prepared an FAQ section below. If you have a question that is not covered here, please get in touch and we will answer you right away.

  • Will this spoil my enjoyment of poetry and a good novel?

Many people worry that once they learn to read faster they will then be stuck reading at a faster speed all the time. Quite the opposite is true.

The Fast Effective Reading programme will show you how you can use “different speeds for different reads”. This is one of the most liberating effects after the course, you will discover your reading gearbox and then practise going up and down through the gears. Like a good meal, some reading should be savoured to be fully enjoyed but like a Big Mac at a service station, some reading should be consumed as rapidly as possible!

  • Does this only work for English speakers?

We deliver this course all round the world. We work with French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish speakers all the time, not to mention Swedish, Flemish and Portuguese speakers! The skills developed on the course are transferable to reading in any language and are as applicable in say French as they are in English.

Your training consultant will spend some one-on-one time with you during the day if English is not your first language and will give advice on what to do immediately following the session.

  • Is there any course follow-up?

We firmly believe that training should not end once the delegates leave the training room. For this reason we have developed a unique 8-week email series to follow-up and embed the learning way beyond the classroom. Each email acts as a reminder of the key topics and gives delegates further exercises they can try in their own time.

  • How long is the course?

We offer a half-day express course and a full-day programme too. From time to time for certain clients who have requested this, we have split the one-day course into two half-days a week or so apart.

  • Can I try before I buy?

Yes of course. We are so confident in this unique productivity tool that we offer a free one-hour “sushi-bite” taster of the programme. Click here for more detail.

  • Is it in-company only or do you run events for individuals to attend?

We deliver the course on an in-company basis throughout the UK and internationally. We also regularly deliver the course as an open programme in London for individual delegates to attend. Click here to find out more about our open courses.

  • Will this work if I am dyslexic?

The techniques taught in this programme can be very beneficial to dyslexia sufferers.

“Thanks so much for all your help. I have to admit that as dyslexic, I did not believe you when you said you would double my reading speed, I really didn’t think I was capable of reading quickly so I wanted to say a huge thank you!”
Joseph, Lawyer

To discuss Fast Effective Reading and dyslexia in confidence please call 0845 130 5714.

  • Is this a skimming or skipping technique?

No. Speed reading has a bad name, it suggests skimming, skipping and missing content all for the sake of speed. Our course is called Fast Effective Reading for a very good reason. You will read faster but also more effectively after the course. You will also still read every single word on the page. Working with lawyers, scientists, engineers, biochemists and research analysts to name but a few, we would simply not last five minutes if we encouraged missing out content.

  • What about reading from screens?

Covered. In full. A robust module on why it is difficult to read from screens and the best of our expertise on how to overcome or at least minimise the damage from these challenges. Click here to read a small selection of tips and techniques for reading on screen that you can put into action right away.

  • I consider myself to be a fast reader already, will this still work?

Oh yes. The doubling of reading speed is applicable to any starting reading speed. If you are already a fast reader the chances are you might be practising some of the techniques without realising it. Refine these techniques and the sky is the limit for you!

  • Does this work for technical documents e.g. contracts / tech specs etc?

The skills developed on the course are applicable to any reading material. We work with dozens of law firms, engineering firms and big pharmaceuticals, all reading technical information of some sort or another and the techniques they develop simply help them to do this more effectively. On the course we show you a 4-step process to read any technical document, even when the subject matter is not your specialist area.

  • Will I lose comprehension and accuracy as a result of reading faster?

Quite the reverse. The general perceived wisdom with reading is that you need to slow down if you are not understanding the content. It is a paradox that quite the opposite is true, most people are using the reading techniques they developed at around 5 or 6 years of age and as a result their bright and intelligent adult mind goes wandering because it is bored. Within reason speed will give you focus and with greater focus you naturally get greater comprehension.

  • How long will my new reading skills last for?

It takes between 21-30 days to fully develop a new habit and make this the norm. By practising after the course (there really is no excuse as we all read every day) and following the 8-week email series you can make this a life skill which will move with you throughout your career.

We regularly retest delegates a few months after the course and the majority have actually improved their speed further.

  • Do I have to read out loud during the course?

You would be amazed at how often this gets asked. It seems to be one of people’s biggest fears, perhaps it is to do with that feeling you got in the pit of your stomach when it was your turn to read to the class for the first time at school!

There is no exposure on this course, it is a private process and your are playing against yourself throughout. That doesn’t mean we don’t get people bragging about their scores on the day but even the braggers are spared from reading out loud.

  • I am still not sure, can I talk to someone who has used your services?

Take your pick. Most of our clients work with us every year and would be delighted to tell you about their experience and the benefits their staff have got from this. Call 0845 130 5714 or email anytime and we will put you in touch with some of our recent clients.


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Date: Thursday 20 June 2024

Duration: Half-day

Price: £499 +VAT

Location: Etc Venues, Marble Arch.

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1 Hour “Sushi-bite” Taster

If you have a team of people and want to experience the Fast Effective Reading course, why not deliver a 1-hour “sushi-bite” taster session?

The 1-hour taster is free of charge, places you under no obligation and is a great way to see how effective this course could be for you and your team.  Taster sessions are for up to 20 people at a time and can be delivered at a time to best suit your team’s diaries.

We have a limited number of taster sessions available each month.  Call up anytime on 0845 130 5714 to discuss further and book a session, or just click the find out more button below.

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“The most valuable part of the course was learning to develop speed and realising that comprehension actually increased, amazing!”
Alexander Evans, BBC
“Perfectly structured and pitched for everyone present – mix of secretaries, support and fee earners, extremely useful both for work and pleasure.”
Diane Curzon, Nabarro
“I loved the course from the opening line “you’ve probably not been taught how to read or improve since you were 5 or 6” which was 100% true and got me hooked.”
Colin Lancaster, SCOR SE


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