We are here to help you keep learning through this challenging time. All of our courses are available as virtual / online instructor-led classrooms.

From short bitesize sessions to longer classes, we can support you and your teams by providing you with highly-interactive online learning experiences to give you and your team the skills you need.

To find out how we can help please get in touch by calling 0845 130 5714, emailing, filling out an enquiry form or starting a live chat. We will be delighted to discuss the ways in which we can help you.

From communication to goal setting and time management, we can all become more effective in our working practices. A successful organisation will have employees who want to learn and expand their horizons. Working life is challenging and employees should be able to rise to the challenge and with the support of GA’s personal development training programmes your employees and managers will become more effective and successful.

A focus on personal development training can also foster confidence, leadership skills and critical thinking throughout your organisation. GA Training programmes will enable your employees to better fulfil their personal development goals and meet their performance improvement objectives.

Whether you have identified a need to develop business skills, or to develop new behaviours and competencies for an individual, a team or everyone, we will have the right course for you.

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Assertiveness Training

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Stress Management Training

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The Role of the PA

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Save up to 2 hours per day!

Do you feel swamped by the amount you have to read?  Do you lose concentration, become easily distracted and forget much of what you have just read?

Would you like to double and in some cases treble your existing reading speed, whilst learning to concentrate better, understanding and retaining more of what you read?

If you answered yes to some or indeed all of the above questions then you should talk to us about our Fast Effective Reading course.

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We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your current training requirements in more detail.

Or simply use our short online contact form and one of our skilled consultants will be pleased to take a more detailed brief from you and advise you on the best solution.