Guiding principles for delivering excellent customer service

As the snow falls down outside across much of the UK we thought you might like to reflect on some guiding principles for delivering excellent customer service.

We realise this list is not exhaustive but the 6 principles below will make an immediate difference,


Customer Service is about teamwork even if you don’t have the right instruments

One of the most common things we hear on our customer service training courses is that although people are willing they often do not have the necessary tools or instruments to carry out their role.

It is actually amazing how much can be achieved through harmonious teamwork when everyone is committed to the same goal – […]

Transferring your customer service and expertise to an online environment

I have recently started to buy all of my meat from the butchers.  A strange start to a blog I know.

The reason for this switch away from the supermarkets and into the butchers is a simple one.  When I go into the butchers I am treated like an important customer but crucially I am given a level of customer service that goes beyond simply selling me some meat products.

A butcher is an expert in meat and all related areas and this expertise simply does not exist in most supermarkets.  So when buying meat for a casserole I can ask the butcher a number of questions such as “what is the best cut for this type of meal?” – “how many people will this be likely to serve?” – “how long should I cook it for?” – “are there any accompaniments you can recommend?” etc etc.


The biggest customer service test of them all

A general election was called today for the 6th May 2010.  Labour will go to the people and hope that they can eat away at the now slender lead the Conservatives have in the polls.

This is the biggest customer service pitch around.  We the people are the Government’s customers and we will be deciding who gets to provide our customer service over the next 4 – 5 years.

Think of this in terms of commerce and it throws up a very interesting slant on things.  Imagine if every company you dealt with only gave you the option to move once every 4 – 5 years and you only had two main companies to choose from.  It would be a major decision and one which you would probably agonise over a lot.  You would take advice from people about their experiences, you would look at all the angles and then you would make the decision.


Part two of our interview with Tim Dibbs of Crown Honda on excellence in customer service

Yesterday we gave you part one of our interview with Tim Dibbs of Crown Honda on his company’s commitment to achieving excellence in customer service.

GT: What is the one thing that drives you Tim in terms of customer service?

TD: Consistency, consistency and consistency.  Not only does the experience have to be consistent no matter what day or indeed time of day it also has to be getting consistently better at all times to keep me happy.