As the snow falls down outside across much of the UK we thought you might like to reflect on some guiding principles for delivering excellent customer service.

We realise this list is not exhaustive but the 6 principles below will make an immediate difference,

Be ‘customer centric’, not ‘task-led’

  • Demonstrate flexibility when possible
  • Take time to understand the situation
  • Think holistically and not just the task

Get personal

  • Treat people as individuals
  • Be friendly but not familiar
  • Build a relationship
  • Refer to the customer by name

Don’t be off-hand (on any occasion)

  • Don’t verbally bully with jargon
  • Demonstrate speed of response and keep promises
  • Maintain self-esteem (yours and the customers)
  • Don’t sound like a bureaucratic robot

Be proactive

  • Offer solutions and not problems
  • Take ownership of situation
  • Follow up every time
  • Endeavour to exceed customer expectations

Build teamwork

  • Think who else may need to be in the loop
  • Gain buy-in to solution resolution
  • Don’t blame other departments

Compete for your customers not against them

  • Aim for a ‘win-win’ rather than getting one over
  • Always thinks of way to enhance customer service
  • Use problems as a way of driving solutions

By following these guidelines, customers turn into advocates and advocates become your best friend.

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