Regular readers of this blog will know that here at GA Training we are big advocates of using technology to better serve customers.  There are a number of ways that organisations can interact with their customers in a fun way using technology an example of which would be through the use of smart phone apps.

One concern we have though is the de-humanising of customer service and the over-reliance on technology or hidden mechanisms to interact with customers.  Once we go too far in this direction it will not be long before it will be virtually impossible to talk to someone on the other end of the phone with organisations instead choosing to rely on technology to do all of their customer service.

We were therefore very interested in a recent art installation we saw by budding, rising star artist Ben Martin who has depicted the hidden face of technology.  So much of what we rely on in modern life could easily be powered in the way we see in this clever exhibit which shows a series of identical mice on exercise bikes powering a light bulb whilst a cat looks on to ensure they stay “at it”.

How many people working in call centres around the globe can identify with the message depicted in this piece of art and how many of us ever stop to think about what really goes into providing us with the services we receive?