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2 days

What is this course about?
We may have the required knowledge and skills we need to do our jobs and to train other people but imparting that knowledge effectively and in a copyable manner is a skill in itself.

This course will help anyone within your organisation with a responsibility for training others to deliver effective training that is both well planned and well evaluated.

Whether you are training on a one-to-one basis or in larger groups this course will ensure that you are able to impart your knowledge to any audience clearly and in a copyable fashion.

The course has been delivered for a wide variety of delegates in many varying organisations and industries and will take you through everything you need to know to become a truly effective trainer, including planning / delivery / audience management and much more.

Key topics covered

  1. An Introduction to training principles
  2. Helpful hints and general reminders
  3. Understanding learning / training styles
  4. The EDAC cycle
  5. Establishing objectives
  6. Preparation and planning
  7. Conducting the training
  8. Managing your audience
  9. Verbal communication skills
  10. Role-plays
  11. Types of training within your organisation
  12. Evaluating the training
  13. Using the experience

Who would benefit?
Anyone tasked with training others in any format.

At the end of the course delegates will:

  • Have explored and practised the techniques of training others
  • Understand the essential skills of good trainers
  • Have learnt how to use the Training Cycle
  • Be able to check assimilation and understanding
  • Learnt the skills of training in a professional, text book and ‘copyable’ manner


  • Enhanced performance and achievement of employee objectives / potential
  • Reduced supervision
  • Improved personal relationships
  • Enhancement of career prospects for staff
  • Improved morale and motivation
  • Team stability and retention of good people


Key topics covered

1. An Introduction to training principles

  • The qualities of truly effective trainers
  • Syndicate Exercise – discuss the qualities necessary to be a truly effective trainer
  • A Summary of the qualities required

2. Helpful hints and general reminders

  • A range of tips and techniques to help you as a trainer

3. Understanding learning / training styles

  • An appreciation of different training styles
  • How do people learn?
  • Different learning styles
  • Matching training style to learning styles
  • Adapting your training style where necessary
  • The relationship between the trainer and trainee

4. The EDAC cycle

  • Explaining the learning cycle
  • The implications of the learning cycle for trainer and trainee

5. Establishing objectives

  • Identifying specific training needs for the trainee
  • Setting objectives for both the trainer and trainee

6. Preparation and planning

  • Preparing for the training
  • Planning: location / trainee profile / time and delivery. Framework / use of notes / rehearsal / handouts / workshops and role-plays / minimising interruptions

7. Conducting the training

  • How do people receive information?
  • The use of visual aids and notes
  • Creating the right learning environment
  • Putting the trainee at ease
  • Setting clear objectives and giving clear instructions
  • Taking your time to ensure understanding before progressing

8. Managing your audience

  • Managing expectations
  • The characters
  • Dealing with questions
  • Keeping control
  • Keeping to the original objective(s)

9. Verbal communication skills

  • The Voice – tone, projection and speed
  • The importance of positive language and enthusiasm
  • Listening skills and encouraging questions

10. Using Role-plays

  • The benefits and potential drawbacks of role-play
  • Preparing for the role-play
  • Effective de-briefing
  • Use of video equipment
  • The review sequence


  • Each attendee to present a training topic of their choice to the rest of the group

12. Types of training within your organisation

  • A discussion of the types of training carried out in your role
  • Dealing with different types of training scenarios

13. Evaluating the training

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the training for the trainees
  • Evaluating the performance of the trainer
  • Use of evaluation forms

14. Using the experience

  • Learning from experience
  • What would you do differently next time?
  • Summary of the do’s and don’ts of training

In-company training

Are you interested in running this course for your team or organisation?

This programme can be delivered on a date of your choice and at a location of your choice, in other words exactly where and when you need it!

From the outset we will provide you with expert advice and you will be assigned your own personal training adviser who will stay with you throughout the process. Every team is different so we will provide you with a tailored training programme, designed around your team’s needs and focused on your desired outcomes.

All courses are followed up by a full training evaluation report and certificates of learning for each delegate. For groups of up to 12 delegates per course, our in-company training is a very cost-effective way to develop your people and improve team performance.

Get in touch today for a full quotation to suit your budget. To discuss your requirements in more detail with one of our friendly advisers please call on 0845 130 5714 or email one of the team at Alternatively you can complete the short contact form below.

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