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1 day

What is this course about?
Any organisation can employ a number of talented people with their own particular mixture of skills. Working together as a team rather than a group can maximise the organisation’s effectiveness and lead not only to high output but personal satisfaction and happiness of all concerned. This is important anywhere if the organisation is to flourish.

This one day workshop is designed to consolidate staff relationships and build on existing strengths. It will examine possibilities of increasing synergy in the team.

Key topics covered

  1. Setting the scene
  2. Teamwork thoughts
  3. Communication skills
  4. Dream team (activity one)
  5. Sharing information to solve a problem (activity two)
  6. Listening and respecting views (activity three)
  7. Creativity, planning and supporting (activity four)
  8. Conclusions and action plan

Who would benefit?

Anyone who does not work alone and needs to contribute to the work of the whole group.

At the end of the workshop, those who have attended will have:

  • Examined their strengths and areas to develop
  • Established their functions within the team
  • Reviewed their communication style
  • Identified ways of building the team
  • Practised ways of working together
  • Developed their creativity further and discussed ways of putting creativity into practice


Key topics covered

1. Introduction

  • Structure and flavour of the day / timings
  • Objectives
  • Agreeing the ground rules

2. Teamwork thoughts

  • The difference between groups and teams (gelling)
  • Team size (optimum figures)
  • Synergy – what it means
  • Belbin’s research and beyond
  • Team roles
  • Team members’ views

3. Communication

  • The essence of success
  • Sharing information
  • Types of interchange – regular, repair, problem solving, brainstorming
  • Support – practical, emotional
  • Attitudes

4. Dream team (activity one)

  • Identifying individual needs and wants
  • Examining which are met and which are not
  • Bridging the gap – what to do

5. Sharing information to solve a problem (activity two)

  • Performing a task by sharing information
  • Evaluation

6. Listening and respecting views (activity three)

  • Discussing and making group decisions
  • Evaluation

7. Creativity, planning and supporting (activity four)

  • Brainstorming and planning an event
  • Evaluation

8. Conclusions and action plan

  • What the team has learnt about itself
  • What needs more work

In-company training

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All courses are followed up by a full training evaluation report and certificates of learning for each delegate. For groups of up to 12 delegates per course, our in-company training is a very cost-effective way to develop your people and improve team performance.

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