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1 day

What is this course about?
All too often, appraisals can turn into a confrontational meeting where the manager can have difficulty getting their point across successfully and the appraisee can become defensive and resistant to change. As a result managers learn to loathe them and employees fear them. This course will highlight a number of approaches and a wealth of techniques and tactics to ensure that the appraisal process becomes more structured, productive and positive.

This one-day course is designed to examine the principles of the performance appraisal system and how to get the best out of it from everyone’s perspective.

It is vitally important for organisations to achieve continuous improvement. Conducting productive appraisals is a key skill requirement if managers are to improve their team’s performance. Whether to review progress, assess performance, identify training needs or set objectives, when conducted effectively the appraisal process will have considerable benefits to both the organisation and the individual.

This course will demonstrate how to better prepare for, and run, successful review meetings. Through work-related workshops and exercises, delegates will improve their skills in appraising and developing staff. Also, the course is very useful for HR managers who want to improve the outcomes and effectiveness of their appraisal process.

Key topics covered

  1. The purpose and outcomes of appraisals
  2. The appraisal system
  3. Planning the performance appraisal interview
  4. Target / objective setting
  5. The interview
  6. Confident Communication Techniques
  7. Self-audit
  8. Follow-up to the appraisal

Who would benefit?

  • HR managers
  • Line managers
  • Senior managers
  • Team leaders


Specific course objectives will be for delegates to:

  • Understand the benefits and purpose of appraisals for both appraiser and appraisee
  • Understand how to set clear objectives
  • Be able to prepare, structure and confidently run an appraisal interview
  • Assess performance based on the behaviour observed and give feedback effectively
  • Improve listening skills and tackle performance problems effectively
  • Improve communication skills and remain fair and consistent with all staff
  • Show empathy and encourage and motivate staff to perform more effectively
  • Practise questioning and interviewing techniques
  • Understand what a competency framework is and define the rating system

Key topics covered

1. The purpose and outcomes of appraisals

  • What is performance appraisal?
  • The uses to which the results are put
  • Benefits of performance appraisal
  • Your role and responsibilities
  • The direction of appraisals

2. The system

  • An overview of the system
  • The stages and timetable
  • Completing the paperwork

3. Planning the performance appraisal interview

  • The plan – why / who / what / when / where = how?
  • The environment, timing
  • Setting an agenda – looking back, reviewing now, looking forward
  • Planning questions, preparing answers

4. Target / objective setting

  • How to draft objectives / targets
  • Negotiating agreement
  • The moving goal posts
  • Making it a motivating and not a daunting operation

5. The interview

  • How the appraisee feels / how you feel
  • Developing your own style
  • Being ‘fair’
  • Setting the scene
  • Outlining the agenda
  • Balance of communication
  • The questions
  • Praise / criticism – or helpful realistic reflection of performance
  • The positive / negative balance

6. Confident Communication Techniques

  • Setting the tone
  • Showing understanding
  • Demonstrating confidence
  • Confidentiality
  • Dealing with a variety of challenging responses and unresponsiveness

7. Self-audit

  • Reviewing the process
  • Making changes

8. Follow-up

  • Keeping the process continuous
  • Following up coaching, training needs
  • Keeping your word
  • Reviewing targets

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