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1 day

What is this course about?
While some people are born leaders, most need to develop the skills required to create vision, communicate it to others and motivate the team. This is particularly important during periods of rapid change or growth where the team are all the more reliant on the support and direction given by their immediate manager or supervisor. This course sets out to introduce the key skills of people leadership

This is a highly interactive workshop programme with lots of practical exercises.

Key topics covered

  1. The need for leadership
  2. Leadership styles
  3. Setting Mission and Vision
  4. Establishing team culture
  5. Motivating the team
  6. Developing the team

Who would benefit?
Anyone managing or leading a team – large or small.

By the end of the course, those who have attended will be able to:-

  • Define the need for leadership and management skills in any supervisory role
  • Recognise the specific qualities of leadership and the needs of the team
  • Identify the impact of leadership on the task, team and individual
  • Define a wide range of leadership models and their application
  • Provide clear and inspiring direction for the team
  • Set a clear mission and goals for the team
  • Manage performance in the team
  • Create an appropriate team culture

Key topics covered

1. The need for leadership

  • The role of the leader
  • How leaders turn a group into a team
  • The practical benefits of leadership
  • The characteristics of good leadership
  • Understanding the organisational and personal sources of power as a leader
  • The five key areas of leadership: direct; communicate; organise; plan; control

2. Leadership styles

  • Leadership as a trait vs. a learned behaviour
  • Definition of a range of leadership styles and when they are appropriate, including
  • Autocratic
  • Laissez faire
  • Bureaucratic
  • Situational
  • Action centered
  • The Blake-Mouton grid

3. Setting Mission and Vision

  • Defining the team’s mission
  • Establishing the team’s vision
  • Setting SMART short, medium and long term objectives

4. Establishing team culture

  • Understanding the fit between team culture and purpose
  • Working with the team to agree values, standards and style

5. Motivating the team

  • What is a motive and how they impact on performance
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and how it applies in the workplace
  • Reward and Recognition of high performance

6. Developing the team

  • Team performance management tools
  • Delegating and empowering the team
  • The value of coaching
  • Handling conflict and giving difficult feedback

In-company training

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