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1 day

What is this course about?
Employees are expected to be proficient at managing their work relationships effectively – whether with their managers, peers, staff, customers or clients. However, with increasing workplace demands to be more efficient, more cost-effective, more environmentally conscious, and more customer-focused employees can find that this creates conflict with others’ needs and may result in deteriorating relationships.

This course offers the delegate the opportunity to learn their personal strengths when dealing with other people when everything is going well and to discover how they change when things are going wrong and conflicting needs occurs.

Using their understanding from the Strengths Deployment Inventory® delegates will be able to improve relationships and co-operation by developing and managing their personal strengths and fine-tuning their behaviour. This long established inventory is colour coded which makes it memorable and therefore much easier to transfer course learning.

Key topics covered

  1. Programme objectives & overview
  2. The why, what and how of work
  3. The strength deployment inventory ® (SDI®)
  4. The 7 motivational value systems (MVS)
  5. Conflict situations
  6. Unwarranted conflict situations
  7. Conflict recognition and resolution
  8. Feedback

Who would benefit?
Any individual wanting to understand and improve a work relationship.

By the end of the day delegates will have:

  • Discussed the dynamics of technical & people skills at work
  • Identified interdependent relationships at work & what gets in the way of these working effectively
  • Reviewed two components of what makes human beings feel worthwhile
  • Discussed 7 Motivational Value Systems (MVS)
  • Identified their preferred pattern
  • Discussed warranted and unwarranted conflict
  • Described ways to recognise and resolve conflict
  • Identified ways to give and receive feedback

Key topics covered

1. Introductions

  • Programme objectives & overview
  • Personal objectives

2. The why, what and how of work

  • Technical competence versus human dynamics
  • Relationship dependency – you can’t succeed by yourself
  • Motivation – the key concepts

3. The strength deployment inventory ® (SDI®)

  • SDI® concept
  • Completion of the SDI®

4. The 7 motivational value systems (MVS)

  • Compare behaviour to motivation
  • Outline each MVS
  • Scoring and plotting SDI® results
  • Motivational values & their rewarding environments
  • Comparison between differing patterns of motivation
  • Predicting relationship interactions

5. Conflict situations

  • What triggers conflict generally
  • Identification of personal triggers
  • Definition of two types of conflict (warranted & unwarranted)
  • Plotting the movement of the individually in conflict situations

6. Unwarranted conflict situations

  • Unwarranted conflict – sharing the goal but not the approach to the goal
  • How to achieve agreement using the Motional Value System of others

7. Conflict recognition and resolution

  • The 3 stages of the conflict sequence
  • Recognising behaviours in the first stage of conflict
  • Identifying the most effective behaviour to resolve the conflict

8. Feedback

  • Guidance on giving feedback – when, where, and how (phrases / tone / body language)
  • Guidance on receiving feedback – how (phrases / tone / body language)
  • What to do if you disagree with the feedback

9. Action

  • Plans for using in the work place
  • Summary

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